The Government of Bangladeshattaches highest importance to the necessity of enhancingnational capacity to cope with the risks induced by climate change. To achieve this end,Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan (BCCSAP) 2009was formulated with specific focus on the following six thematic areas.

1)    food security, social protection and health,

2)    comprehensive disaster management,

3)    infrastructure,

4)    research and knowledge management,

5)    mitigation and low-carbon development, and

6)    capacity building and institutional strengthening.

To implement44 programs specified under the six thematic areas of BCCSAP 2009,Climate Change Trust Fund (CCTF)was created in the fiscal year of 2009-10. The Trust Fund was being operated through a project titled‘‘Strengthening Institutional Capacity of Climate Change Unitunder the Ministry of Environment and Forests”. Subsequently, Climate Change Trust Act, 2010 was enacted; and as per the direction of Climate Change Trust Act, 2010, Bangladesh Climate Change Trust (BCCT) was established on 24 January 2013 with effect from 13 October 2010.