Project selection procedure.

Bangladesh Climate Change Trust (BCCT) maintains a forthright process in selecting projects. Prescribed projects by different ministries addressing the six thematic areas of Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan (BCCSAP) are sent to the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF). MoEF forwards the prescribed projects to BCCT for receiving and reviewing. Projects are scrutinized in different stages as by BCCT Team, Technical committee and Trustee board. BCCT receives the prescribed projects and propounds to technical committee with recommendations after reviewing successfully. Technical committee reviews the technical sides and environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the projects. BCCT submits the reviewed projects by technical committee with decent recommendations to Trustee board for final consideration and approval. Trustee board, finally re-evaluates the projects prescribed by technical committee and granted approval. Some cases, if necessary Trustee board suggests the respective project proponent ministries or organizations for bringing revised project proposal following the advisable decisions taken in Trustee board regarding on the respected projects. The approved projects run by BCCT following the Climate Change Trust Fund Policy (15 February 2010).

Monitoring and Evaluation Systems


Approved projects implemented by government organizations are monitored regularly by three different entities are:

1. Implementing ministries or organizations monitor the project activities through project implementation committee (PIC) and project steering committee (PSC).

2. The monitoring and evaluation branch of Bangladesh Climate Change Trust (BCCT) monitor through field visiting and contacting with respective project director. There is suggestion to project director to submit the project progress reports to BCCT within 5th of every month. Completed projects are evaluated by the implementation and evaluation division (IMED) of ministry of planning.

3. Approved projects are monitored by local administration through district coordination meeting in respective areas. Monitoring reports submitted by local administration and implementing ministries or organizations are sincerely considered to BCCT for the next decision on regarding respective projects.

BCCT follows a systematic and considerable monitoring and evaluation process to ensure efficient implementation and transparency in all spheres of the projects.