Monitoring and Evaluation

Approved projects implemented by government, semi-government and autonomous agencies are monitored by three different entities:

  1. Implementing ministries or agencies monitor the project activities through Project Steering Committee (PSC) and Project Implementation Committee (PIC).
  2. BCCT has its own mechanism for monitoring and evaluation of CCTF projects. Headed by a Director, there is a Monitoring and Evaluation Branch that receives Monthly Progress Report from the Project Directors, sends inspection team for field visits, and convenes regular monitoring meetings with Project Directors. Headed by the Deputy Managing Director of the Trust, there is also a Monitoring Committee that analyzes the monitoring reports and puts forward its recommendation for proper implementation of the projects.
  3. Local administration has been engaged in the monitoring process to ensure local oversight. The administrative officers and the elected representatives also discuss these projects in the district coordination meetings.

The concerned implementing ministries are, however, mainly responsible for monitoring and evaluation of projects. They are required to conduct monitoring and evaluation of CCTF projects following the same procedure they maintain while dealing with the projects under Annual Development Programme (ADP). They will inform BCCT.