Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world so far as the adverse impacts of climate change are concerned. Climate change induced risks like cyclone, tidal surge, coastal inundation and salinity intrusion due to sea level rise, erratic rainfall; flood, river bank erosion, drought, landslide and negative impacts on agricultural production have posed a severe threat to the realization of targets set for the sustainable development of the country.

We know BCCSAP 2009 is being implemented by BCCT with six thematic areas in operation to tackle the adverse impact on climate change. BCCT already approved several projects on Research sectors. In recent 42thTrustee Board  meeting Bangladesh Climate Change Trust has already approved a project under this thematic area, named “Projection of sea level rise and assessment of its Sectorial (Agriculture, water and infrastructure) impacts” by Department of Environment. The main goal of this project is to comprehensively assess Coastal Vulnerability of Bangladesh due to Sea Level Rise. BCCT encourages this type of project which can help our government to take best decision about the management of the challenges of sea level rise and the government is keen and careful to safeguard the eco-system of the ocean and its vicinity. So that a robust blue economy can emerge.